Untangling Titles

  • Bad Deeds
  • Divorces
  • Liens
  • Foreclosers

Your dream investment is turning into a real nightmare, with a title wrapped in red tape.
Untangling troubled titles is what we do!
Introducing the Investor 10 Title Team, your personal Curative Specialists.

Curative Solutions

We flag and fix title defects mired by marriage issues, misrepresentations, forgery, foreclosures, code violations, water liens, defunct corporations, recording errors, incarcerations, creditor claims, and will disputes.

Whatever’s gone wrong, we work for you to make it right.

Tiered Transactions

Want to flip a house fast? Wholesale it. Investor 10 Title is your ‘Assignment of Contract’ expert.
We handle the details, and we do it fast.

Same-Day Closings

Known as a double close, we will ensure all the moving parts and parties are in order for a closing where timing is critical.

Our Services